Quantum Infused Holograms

Acupressure (& Acupuncture), for thousands of years, has been recommended to help support the body's functions. Our Quantum Infused Disposable Holograms combine acupressure placements with what is called Holographic Communication. This is a safe and effective way to do-it-yourself acupressure using quantum infused holograms. Like acupressure, the RealTime Sleep™ Holograms communicate through the body's meridians for a harmonic and balanced body, assisting the body's ability to have a deep, restful sleep, so the body can cleanse, balance and build. Sleep is essential to support healthy brain function, a strong immune system and maintain a healthy weight. You have to try the product to experience all the benefits.

Suggested Uses: Apply the peel-n-stick, RealTime Sleep, Quantum Infused Holograms on the points illustrationed below. For best results, place on clean dry and oil free skin (clean with hydrogen peroxide when possible). Proper hydration will enhance this product's effect on your body.